Friday, February 23, 2018
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Bingo Gringo Review

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Bingo Gringo is making headlines in the world on online bingo. Many similar sites offer bingo games as a download only Bonus Offer service, but Bingo Gringo has an online flash site that pops up with a single click! Register your name and start playing bingo online today! Bingo Gringo is one of the few sites to support multiple forms of currency, so play in Euros or Pounds, it doesn’t matter, all that matters are the winnings! Bingo Gringo also wants to attract new players to their fantastically-themed site. With a 100% match bonus on your first deposit, this is a sure-fire way to extend the playing time of any online bingo player. There is even a ten card signup bonus.


Bingo Gringo is the ultimate site for social butterfly, as each and every bingo room has a chat screen on the right-hand side. This lets you talk (type) and play at the same time! The interface is simple, yet elegant enough to accommodate the computer-literacy skills of any player. Simply select the game you wish to play be it a quick game of 75-ball or an intense game of 90-ball bingo, and let the fun begin! There are over 20 other instant games to play on, so for a quick fix of bingo action, it seems that nothing can beat Bingo Gringo!

As you enter the room, Bingo Gringo will display a list of statistics for the room, prizes to be won and how much money must be bet. This is an excellent way of informing players of the conditions of each bingo room. The atmosphere of Bingo Gringo is world-class, with moderators and players going out of their way to welcome new players into the fold. There are some top-class prizes to be won, only at Bingo Gringo.

For new players, signing up means free goodies galore! Would you like to score 1000 loyalty points (that can later be turned into cash)? Simply signup today with Bingo Gringo and receive these points for absolutely free! When it comes to playing bingo online, Bingo Gringo is your passport to hours of bingo fun.

User Rating5/5
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