Friday, February 23, 2018
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Bingo numbers speak volumes

Recent bingo news boasted the rise in online bingo player numbers across the UK bingo section. Daily player numbers had increased by roughly 19% since September 2007. UK online bingo operators are celebrating as the increased numbers as this means that online bingo is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in online gaming.

According to a recent study in Cardiff, the popularity of online bingo websites have grown significantly among young women.
Cardiff is the capital of Whales and according to a survey done by a bingo website, women aged between 18 and 35 prefer online bingo to gym. 22% of these women all agreed that playing and potentially winning beats sweating it out in a gymnasium.

The website that did the survey claims that when it came between selecting between online bingo and shopping, 19% of them would rather sit in the comfort of their own home and play bingo than shop.

According to the Bingo Association nearly half of bingo players are under 45- showing how bingo is changing face and attracting more of a younger crowd. Another study showcased figures of female bingo players reaching 51 000, under the age of 35. This study concluded that out of the 51 000 women, 22 % of them log on more to online bingo websites than being active in the gym.

These figures contest the notion that bingo is only for old grannies and people who have nothing better to do with their time than shout ‘Bingo!’. Bingo is transforming as an acceptable pastime for both young and old all over the United Kingdom and Europe.

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