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Online bingo lingo gives you the chance to express yourself when during a bingo chat – with these handy abbreviations, getting your message across has never been this easy! One of the best things about playing bingo is of course the fun factor. From busy bingo halls to thriving cyber bingo rooms, a bingo community adds a special touch to the games and allows players to make friends and socialise while playing a few games of bingo.  


For newcomers, the chat may seem somewhat daunting and confusing, especially when it’s peak bingo time and the rooms are flooded with LOL’s, WTG’s and GL’s. Some might wonder what on earth all these abbreviations mean, and what is the correct way to reply to some of these terms?  


Chat lingo is essentially a way of communicating in the chat rooms, through the use of abbreviations and shortcuts instead of full words. This makes it easier to keep track of conversations, which often seem to take place at lightning speed in the busy chat rooms. We’ve put together a list of common chat abbreviations which can be used in any chat. These terms are easy to remember and make typing in the chat much faster then before – which means that all online bingo players can easily keep up with the fast and furious chat action! Here are some of the most commonly-used chat terms found at most bingo sites:


·         AFK - away from keyboard
·         BLNT - better luck next time
·         BRB - be right back
·         BTW - by the way
·         CYA - see ya
·         GLA - good luck all
·         HB - hurry back
·         IC - I see
·         L8R - later
·         LOL - laughing out loud
·         PPL - people
·         ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
·         TC - take care
·         TYVM - thank you very much
·         WB - welcome back
·         WTG - way to go
·         YW - you're welcome
·         *G* - giggle or grin
·         *H* - hug
·         *K* - kiss
·         *S* - smile
·         *W* - wink
·         (((name))) - hugs 


It might take a little while to get familiar with talking in the chat, but with fun emoticons and chat colours available at most online bingo sites, chat has never been this fun.  Players from all over the world can be found in the rooms, and with endless encouragement and support, the chat room is like one big happy family. For players wanting to optimise their bingo fun factor, why not give some of these chat terms a try? Not only will they add to the fun, but they’ll also help make lasting friendships with fellow online bingo players.

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