Friday, February 23, 2018
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  Starting to think that you’re never going to get that bingo win? Our online bingo tips are sure to help all players, from newbie’s to more seasoned bingo fans looking to up their game. While playing the game is as easy as pie, getting a bingo win isn’t always as simple. With busy bingo rooms, limited funds and too many balls away from bingo each time, it can get frustrating to not hit that bingo. 


 Some players put a lot of faith in lucky charms when they play bingo. Armed with a lucky keychain or a favourite t-shirt, their bingo talismans are never far from their side when they play. Although some may beg to differ, no proof has ever been found to determine if charms are really working. Other players seem to never have any problem winning, is this because of luck... or do they follow a few tips to improve their game? Next time you’re at your favourite bingo site, try some of these guidelines to help you get started. Who knows, you might walk off with the massive PJP (Progressive Jackpot)!  

1.       Set a bingo budget. All too often, players over-spend to try and get that last win, and this leads to more trouble. Decide how much you want to spend for each session, and stick to your budget.  

2.       Change your usual bingo times. If possible, try and play at different times of the day to see which sessions have better payouts, or fewer players. Many sites have special sessions which offer extra bonus points or online bingo jackpots at the end of each session.  

3.       Look out for bonuses. Many sites offer deposit bonuses or great signup bonuses which give you more value for money and help you to buy more cards. Chat games are also a good way to earn more points to stretch out your bingo budget.  

4.       Learn your way around the game schedule. These keep you current on games throughout the day, plus any specials such as two for one card buy. You’ll also see which games offer bigger prizes or lower card prices.  

5.       Buy cards the smart way. Some players like to buy maximum online bingo cards for every game, others mix and match. Using advanced buy features such as schedule buy can help you to be in the game even when you are not at your computer, giving you a better chance at winning that jackpot.  

Bingo is a game of chance – and just like any game of chance, your odds of winning are largely left to Lady Luck. Nevertheless, having a basic game strategy and following a few tried and tested tips is bound to increase your chances; this simply gives you more opportunity for online bingo luck to come your way.

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